Software Testing : Manual Testing and Automation Testing

Everything you need to learn Software Testing, all combined in one resource. Course objective is to provide you with all required knowledge that you need in order to land your first software testing job whether it is a full-time or a freelancing job.

Topics Covered in the Course: -Manual Testing Basics [Tools used: Google Sheets-Trello-Testlink] -Agile Testing Basics [Tools used: Jira-Trello] -API & Webservice Testing [Tools used: postman] -Performance Testing [Tools used: JMeter & HP Loadrunner] -Freelance testing websites [Websites explained:] -Manual Testing interview questions -Unit Testing [Tools used: JUnit5-Mockito] -Black Box Test Techniques [Techniques covered: Equivalence partitioning-Boundary value analysis-Decision Table Testing-State transition testing]

No prior knowledge about the field is required Basic computer & mobile using skills (you need to be able to use them as an end user) Good knowledge of English Language

Great course full of information!! As a beginner in software testing, i got plenty of useful information with a lot of practical knowledge which i can use to start working as a freelance software tester.Very nice teacher who explains everything in the way anyone can understand !
Bruce Bailey

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